Retail Therapy

So I move into my dorm in exactly one week at St. John's; and, with my new-found maturity after high school graduation I procrastinated and JUST started shopping. Up to my eyeballs in stress, I decided a trip to Target would help ease the nerves. Yet the bright colors of the tempting "$1" stickers scattered down the aisles forced me to fill up my cart with everything in sight... 

For some reason I thought I was Martha Stewart afterwards and left for the local fabric store to find some prints to accompany the first items of my self-procclaimed pro-decorating skills. 

Its quite obvious that I am not afraid of color, but I'm really afraid that my roommate is going to think that I am some sort of loud wannabe artist freak.

And she will 110% correct.

Picture frame - Target - $12 (I made the painting)
Hexagonal cups - Target - $1 each
"To Call To Buy To Do" sticky notes - Target - $1
Magnetic Board - Target - $3
Magnets - Target - $3 per pack of 6
Photo Albums - Target - $1 each
Prints - Hancock Fabrics - $3 per yard

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