I Came I Saw I Conquered

To celebrate my last weekend at home, my mom and I decided that it was time to face the fact that I am leaving and purchase some dorm essentials.  Fortunately we did not kill one another during this process; instead we left Target with about 75% of the things that I need... and a delightful tall White Chocolate Mocha a.k.a. the Gods' nectar.  Based upon my previous trip to Target, I was worried that my room will end up looking as though a preschool teacher tried to become an interior designer. Luckily, my mom found some really awesome pieces that help tie together the Moroccan-Beachy-Boho theme I am going for :)

Now all I have to do is find to vinyl covers for my walls. Maybe one from The xx, Lana Del Rey, The Rolling Stones and... does One Direction have one yet?

Probs not, I guess a collage would have to do.

Filling Box - $10
Five Pocket File Folder - $3
Rubbermaid Lunch Box - $10
File Folders - $3 pack of 40
Weekly Desk Planner - $7
3 Subject Notebook - $4
Stand-up Magazine Shelf - $10

Shell Encrusted Mirror - Free (I found this in front of someone's yard on a table with a "PLEASE TAKE" sign haha)

Wastebin - $3
Towels - $5 per
Washclothes - $3 per

Microplush Throw - $12
Memory Foam Mattress Pad - $30
Jersey Knit Sheets (Twin) - $12
225 Count Sheet (Twin) - $12
Reversible Comforter - $30
Pillow Sham - $5

Everything was purchased at Target x

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