Long Live The Queen

I am  trying to post once a day, but due the VMAs being on last night.... well if you saw it you would understand haha.  I would just like to state this for the books that "GAGA IS MY QUEEN" and unfortunately if you believe otherwise, we cannot be friends.  

Anyway, I saw able to do some shopping yesterday in preparations for the school year aka total wardrobe makeover.  I was able to find some really strong pieces that I hope will help me adjust from my current Southern comfort style that includes mostly chiffons and leggings to my interpretation of New York chic.

I hope I can just a lot of use out of these, especially the jeggings. I hate pants with the burning passion of a thousand suns because of how tight they are around my thighs and how short they make my legs look, but this pair makes me look half decent.  I couldn't ask for anything more out of pants that make me look as though I spent more that five minutes getting ready in the morning. 

I am also in love with this tank because of the color.  Navy Blue has a certain je ne sais quoi where it instantly enhances your skin color as well as the cohesiveness of an outfit.  Another plus, the eagle isn't tacky.  Comprised of matte and patent beading, the shirt steers away from gaudy yet acts as the perfect pair to chunky gold earrings or a printed pencil skirt.  Personally, I see myself wearing it with leggings to add a more polished touch to my lovely 7 am classes.... 4 times a week (I hope my sarcasm slapped you in the face with that one) or with a nice pair of shorts. 

As for the shoes: Love is love is shoes. xx

From upper left to lower left
 3 in Ankle Boots - Charlotte Russe - $35
Studded Flats - Charlotte Russe - $20
Dolce Vita 5 in Wedge Sandal - Macy's - $18 (originally $88)
Teen Vogue Embellished Tank (it's actually navy, not black!) - Macy's - $24
Jegging (Wine Red) - Charlotte Russe - $10

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