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So this blogging thing obviously does not come easily to me... Since my last post was right before I came to college and this one is a week after the end of my freshman year.  Regardless I am proud to say that I have survived.  With so many things in my life flipping upside down, turning inside out and slapping me in the face I am surprised that I walked out with a 3.88 GPA and a summer internship with a production company (and can I just say that the view is gorgeous, it's across from fucking Central Park of all places). 

Here's my freshman year in a nutshell
as told my my iPhone's camera roll

The only wall deco for my side of my dorm. Nothing else needed.

Two of my suite mates while out exploring our uni's "nightlife".  I never really hung out with them much after that first two weeks, but I still like this picture.

Above and below: My first outing to SoHo for an art gallery opening.  Took forever to get there due to my incompetence towards the subway system.

 Lots of beer pong. 

Went to see Ed Sheeran at Madison Square with one of my closest friends.

I ate fire. 

 Found out that Central Park during the fall is simply breathtaking.

The first time I saw my sisters since I had left for school.

Last day of Fall Semester.  First day of the endless snow.

Above and below: I did a lot of filming, finally.

Drove with my younger sister for the first time.  

Unfortunately group projects still exist, even in college.  They are only a million times worse.  Each group had to travel to a different borough and explore a particular neighborhood.  So we chose Flushing and didn't realize that we had to speak Chinese or Vietnamese to get around there.

 My roommate was the best thing although we are completely different. 

There are 200 plus huge easter eggs hidden throughout the city during the month of April and they are each decorated by a different artist.  

Realized that watching so much Wes Anderson has made me very OCD about the symmetry of 99% of my pictures.

Of course these are just the fun parts because who wants to talk about all-nighters where you are either on Netflix or crying about your final. xx

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